Number knowledge activities

These activities aim to help develop your child's number knowledge. They include related vocabulary in Te Reo Māori, and many of them include versions with key questions translated into Māori. Click for information written specifically for Pasifika families.

Select a domain or stage from the table below to display the related activities. Choosing a cell from within the table will display the activities related to that domain AND stage. Click for information on "What is the Number Framework?".

  Number SequencePlace ValueNumber Facts
Year 1Stage 0-3Numbers to 20 Facts with 10
Year 2Stage 4Numbers to 100Numbers to 100Addition facts
Year 3-4Stage 5Numbers to 1000Numbers to 1000Single digit multiplication facts
Year 5-6Stage 6Numbers to 1 000 000All whole numbers and tenthsMulti digit multiplication facts and fractions that add to 1
Year 7+Stage 7-8Fractions, percentages and negative numbersDecimals, percentages and powers of tenCommon factors, divisibility rules and conversion of common fractions

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