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Number Facts Activities

Number Facts, Stages 0-3

Activities to help students learn:

Groupings to 10 and the decade facts. Bean Addition
Facts To 5 - Flash Cards, Memory
Facts To 10 - Flash Cards, Memory
Make 5
Make 10
Under The Box
Using Fingers
Test The Toad (online)
5 Plus
Groupings to 10
Pairs to 10
Doubles To 10

Number Facts, Stage 4

Activities to help students learn:

The basic addition and subtraction facts to 10 + 10. Doubles And Halves
Memory Doubles
Save The Whale (online)
Add the Dice
Addition and Subtraction to 10 - Quick Recall
Rock, Scissors, Paper
Subtraction Facts to 10
The multiples of 10 that add to 100. 10s Pairs To 100
Adding Multiples of 10

Number Facts, Stage 5

Activities to help students learn:

The basic multiplication and division facts to 10 x 10. Add and Multiply
I Spy - Multiplication
Halves of 'ty' Numbers
Halves of Hundreds Numbers
Baking Biscuits
Adding Multiples of 100
Four in a Row Multiplication
The basic addition and subtraction facts up to 20. I Spy - Addition
License Plates 2
Four in a row Addition
Addition Bingo
Addition Loopy
Addition Puzzle
Addition to 20 - Test Yourself
Addition and Subtraction Quick Recall
Subtraction Loopy
Subtraction to 20 - Test Yourself
Addition Basic Facts
Subtraction Bingo
Addition and subtraction beyond 10 + 10. Pairs To One Hundred
Tens Facts
Make One Thousand Challenge
Domino Pairs to 100

Number Facts, Stage 6

Activities to help students learn:

Multiplication basic facts with tens, hundreds and thousands. Tens Hundreds Thousands
Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000
Fraction and decimal groupings that make 1. Make One With Decimals
Make One With Fractions
Calculator Challenge
To recall multiplication basic facts. Times Tables Practice
Multiplication Bingo
Multiplication Loopy
Multiplication Puzzle
The addition and subtraction facts to 20. Addition Facts To 20
Subtraction Facts To 20
Subtraction Puzzle
Subtraction Basic Facts

Number Facts, Stage 7-8

Activities to help students learn:

Common factors of numbers to 100, and divisibility rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10. Calculator Factors
Divisibility Rules
Multiples Cover Up
Divisibility Game
Factors Cover Up
Fraction, decimal, percentage conversions for halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and tenths. 30% Off Sale
Converting Fractions Decimals And Percentages (online)
Common Factor Challenge
Common Multiple Challenge
Fraction Decimal Percentage Match Ups
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Dominoes
The square numbers to 100 and their square roots. Square Roots
The multiplication and division facts. Division Basic Facts
Division Bingo
Division Loopy
Division Puzzle
Division Game
Match Multiplication and Division Facts
More Divisibility Rules