Skateboard Survey.
Skateboard Survey involves students in the process of conducting a survey and making a proposal.
Skateboard surveyIcon.

Students investigate the safety height for skate ramps then explore the complete survey process including the selection of appropriate question to gather data as well as the analysis and display of data.

Teacher notes

  • Students select questions that will provide appropriate data for a given topic and determine the sample size taking account of the cost and margin of error. Responses for 500 interviews are then generated and displayed in a dynamic, sortable table. Students manipulate the table to determine the correct answers to some interpretive questions.
  • Data is represented on a box plot, enabling students to answer interpretive questions based on the graph.
  • Includes a printable worksheet of a proposal to council for a skateboard ramp based on the survey results and interpretation of the data.

Learning objects

skateboard survey picture.

Skateboard survey
Presents data in a sortable table as well as in a box plot to enable students to analyse the data.