Students discover how to construct and interpret boxplots. This series has the same format as Matchbox machine, however uses a different context and a smaller range of numbers.

Teacher notes

  • Introduces the quality assurance process through the example of sampling rice crisp packets. Students use boxplots to identify if the process is working correctly.
  • Data is displayed in a dynamic, sortable table. Students use the sorted table to work out the five-point summary required for constructing a boxplot: maximum, minimum, first and third quartiles and median.
  • Students build than interpret their boxplot according to tolerance levels in the quality control manual.
  • Random generation of values for variables supports repeated use.

Learning objects

rice crisp machine picture.

Rice crisp machine: take a sample
Students build a single boxplot and answer a quiz to show understanding.

rice crisp machine picture.

Rice crisp machine: plot the variation
After building a boxplot, students then take a further nine samples and build boxplots for these. Students answer an additional short quiz.

rice crisp machine picture.

Rice crisp machine
This is an aggregated learning unit combining 'Rice crisp machine: take a sample' and 'Rice crisp machine: plot the variation'.