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Site title: Lesson Corner Worksheets

URL:            http://www.lessoncorner.com/worksheets

Level            1 -4

Rating              star. star. star.

Purpose of the Site:

This link is part of the Lesson corner site. It is provides worksheets that teachers can customise for their students

New Zealand Context:

This site has worksheets that teachers can adapt to make the worksheets easier or harder by choosing the format of the questions. The generate option allows worksheets of a similar level to be generated and answer sheets are also available. Worksheets can be printed for student use.

New and Different

The worksheets on this site can be adapted by the teacher before they are printed for student use. The worksheets focus on number facts, fractions, and algebra areas. The tabs buttons labeled choices, options, generate, and print allow for easy navigation around the site.

Curriculum References

Mathematics, Leves 1- 4.
Strands: Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement
Mathematical processes: