Level 1 Problems

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The problems have been grouped below by strand. Hover over each title to read the problem.

Choose a problem that involves your students in applying current learning.
Remember that the context of most problems can be adapted to suit your students and your current class inquiry.
Read more about using these problem solving activities.


Manu's song
Colourful jerseys
Jim's table
Mrs Parore's laundry
And the twelfth one is


Who plays what?
Christmas tree
The garden
Not enough drawers


Visiting Grandma


Cars in garages (+-)
Gremlins (+-)
Fair exchange (+-)
Well well (+-)
Points (+-)
Counting cubes (+x÷)​
Lollies (+-x÷)
More lollies (+-x÷)
You be the teacher (+-x÷)
Tripods (x÷)
Buttons and bears (x÷)
Fifty Toes (x÷)
The three cold kittens (x÷)
Pizzas and things (x÷)


Circles and oblongs
The folding problem
Mosaic puzzles
Odd one out

Logic and Reasoning

Strawberry Milk
Strawberry and Chocolate Milk