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Just in timeThroughout 2022 over 250 schools have participated in the Just-in-Time Maths initiative. This initiative supports schools in designing a balanced rich diet through immediate and intentional approaches that optimise use of existing resources for planning, teaching, differentiating, and assessing.

The collection of vignettes and 6 national hui below summarise key messages from the project’s pilot in 2021. A maths network has been created by teachers to share resources from this initiative as well as recent hui recordings from the 2022 NZPF Maths Roadshow.


Vignette 1: Introduction/Curriculum intent Slides (PDF, 756KB)  Script (PDF, 102KB)
Vignette 2: A rich balance - plans Slides (PDF, 947KB) Script (PDF, 97KB)
Vignette 3: A rich balance - resources Slides (PDF, 1707KB) Script (PDF, 98KB)
Vignette 4: Place value - the big ideas Slides (PDF, 1707KB)
PV guide (Word, 113KB)
Script (PDF, 100KB)
Vignette 5: Place value - read, write and order Slides (PDF, 540KB) Script (PDF, 101KB)
Vignette 6: Place value - expanding and nesting Slides (PDF, 414KB) Script (PDF, 102KB)
Vignette 7: Place value - renaming and rounding Slides (PDF, 518KB) Script (PDF, 104KB)
Vignette 8: Place value - mental computation Slides (PDF, 430KB) Script (PDF, 106KB)
Vignette 9: Rapid routines Slides (PDF, 1285KB) Script (PDF, 104KB)
Vignette 10: Assessment Slides (PDF, 632KB) Script (PDF, 98KB)

Zoom hui 

Hui 1: Resources (not recorded) Presentation slides (PDF, 3MB)
Hui 2: Planning Presentation slides (PDF, 2MB)
Hui 3: Assessment Presentation slides (PDF, 2MB)
Hui 4: Rich inquiry Presentation slides (PDF, 1MB)
Hui 5: Families and whānau Presentation slides (PDF, 2MB)
Hui 6: Engagement and diversity Presentation slides (PDF, 2MB)
Hui 7: Top Tips Presentation slides (PDF, 4MB)