Junior going places activities

  • Number: Find a number and use it as a “Launchpad” for counting backwards or forwards or in jumps of two or ten.


  • Patterns: One day walk on the even number side of the street and the next on the odd number side. Notice which numbers are on the two sides.
  • Time: Count the seconds while waiting for the light to change, notice anywhere there is a clock along the way.
  • Money: Notice all the signs that have dollars on them: for example, petrol stations, supermarkets, and car yards.
  • Shapes: Choose a shape and find objects in that shape along the way. You can choose two dimensional-shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles etc) or three-dimensional objects (boxes, balls, cones, pyramids).


  • Statistics: Choose one colour of car to count on the way. On the way home or the next time choose a different one. Keep going for several trips. What colour seems to be the most common? The least common?