Illustrations and the National Standards

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Module 1 Module 2 Module 3a Module 3b Module 3c Module 4a Module 4b Module 4c

This series of modules has been developed to help teachers and other education professionals work with the National Standards and the illustrations in reading, writing and mathematics. A key message throughout the modules is that the standards can be integral to effective practice rather than perceived as an “extra” task over and above effective practice.

The first module provides an overview of National Standards and looks specifically at how they have been designed to ensure consistency with the design and intent of the New Zealand Curriculum. The second module focuses directly on the National Standard Illustrations, their purpose and their use in effective practice. This module explores the similarities (and differences) between the illustrations for reading, writing and mathematics. The third group of modules was developed to look in detail at the illustrations in each of the three areas: how they can be used to strengthen understanding of the standards as well as to support the process of making and moderating teacher judgments.

Some of the screens in the modules include interactive elements (dropdown fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drag and drop items). Your responses to these elements are marked when you click on the button. If you hover over the small red beside incorrect responses you will receive specific feedback. If you want to retry the screen you can click on the button. This will reset all incorrect responses on that screen. Click on the button to move to the next screen.

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