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High Achieving Students

This section of the website provides information and resources to support the extension of students whose abilities and performance in mathematics are strong.

Problem solving
We suggest that one of the best ways teachers can cater to their high achieving maths students is by engaging them in problem solving activities.  This page describes some of the benefits to introducing students to problem solving.

Bright Sparks
The Bright Sparks collection of online interactive problem solving activities includes teachers' and students' notes to support their use.

Activities for students
This page is designed for students and includes a selection of problems from the Problem Solving section and links to the Bright Sparks activities and notes for students.  The problem solving activities are grouped by strand and age level and include solutions and extensions.  A new problem set will be added twice a year.

Information on other websites
This page provides links to other websites that provide useful information relating to identifying and teaching high achieving students.