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The SNP Diagnostic Assessment consists of two parts, the strategy interview and the knowledge test. The knowledge test can be carried out as a whole class assessment, but the strategy interview is a one-to-one, discussion based interview. The questions and recording sheets for both parts of the assessment can be downloaded below. The documents are available in both PDF and Word format - click on the appropriate icon beside each file. 

Instructions for carrying out Diagnostic Assessment PDF (140KB)  Word (175KB)

Strategy Assessents

Form A

Full Diagnostic Assessment PDF (140KB)  Word (175KB)
Strategy Interview questions (Form A) PDF (75KB)  Word (71KB)
Strategy Interview recording sheets (Form A) PDF (79KB)  Word (50KB)

Form B

Form B Strategy Assessment PDF (125KB)  Word (71KB)
Strategy Interview questions (Form B) PDF (311KB)  Word (252KB)
Strategy Interview recording sheets (Form B) PDF (89KB)  Word (56KB)

Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test question cards PDF (310KB)  Word (69KB)
Knowledge Test recording sheets PDF (43KB)  Word (56KB)
Knowledge Test marking template PDF (71KB)  Word (82KB)

A Powerpoint presentation has been developed to use when implementing the knowledge test. Click here to download the presentation (152KB), and here to download a Word document of the script (114KB).


Algebraic Thinking Questions - Stage 6 PDF (27KB)  Word (25KB)
Algebraic Thinking Questions - Stage 7 PDF (31KB)  Word (26KB)
Algebraic Thinking Questions - Stage 8 PDF (29KB)  Word (25KB)
Class Summary Sheet PDF (47KB)  Word (120KB)

Click here to download an Excel template for recording results (24KB).