Square Roots


The purpose of this activity is to help your child to learn the square numbers to 100 and their square roots.

Link to the Number Framework:

Basic facts, Stage 7

What you need:

  • Game cards (PDF, 49KB). You can print these or make your own.
  • Cardboard. (Old cereal boxes are good)

What to do:

  • Print the number cards and glue them on to cardboard or write the numbers on cardboard cards.
  • Mix the cards and spread them out place them face down between the players.
  • This is game is played like Memory. The first person turns over two cards. If they are a match of square and square root numbers the player takes the pair and has another turn. If the cards do not match they replace them to the same place face down. The next player has a turn. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

What to expect your child to do:

  • To quickly recognise a matching pair.


  • The same cards can be used to play Snap.
  • The cards can be used as flash cards. As the cards are turned over the child names the matching square or square root for the card.

He Kupu Māori:

turn over huripoki (-na)
square (of a number) pūrua
square root pūtakerua
pair takirua

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (109KB) or Word (33KB)

Download a file of this activity including questions to ask in Māori:

PDF (121KB) or Word (34KB)

Download a Pasifika version of this activity:

PDF (109KB) or Word (505KB)