Multiplication Loopy Cards


You can help your child to recall the multiplication basic facts.

What you need:

Set of Loopy Cards. (PDF, 41 KB) You can print these or make your own.

What to do:

Deal out the cards between the players.   Players can spread their cards out face up.
The person who has “Start” loopy card begins by reading out loud the instruction on that card, “5 x 6”, and then place the card in the middle.
The person who has the Loopy card that shows the answer "30" calls out the answer and places it on top of the start card. The player then reads the next instruction. 
The game keeps going until the card with “Finish” is placed in the middle.

What to expect your child to do:

To recall the multiplication basic facts. They should become quicker at instantly recalling the facts. 


  • Make a set of loopy cards that has the multiplication basic facts that your child needs to practice most.
  • Children can take all the cards and arrange them so the ends match to form one continuous line.

He Kupu Māori:

whakarea (tia)
kāri tīmatanga
beginning card

He Whakawhitinga Kōrero:

  • Tohaina ngā kāri. (Deal out the cards.)
  • Horahia ngā kāri ki mua i a koe, ko ngā mata ki runga. (Spread the cards out face up in front of you.)
  • Kei a wai te kāri tīmatanga? Pānuihia te whakareatanga. (Who’s got the start card? Read the multiplication out loud.)
  • Whakatakotoria te kāri ki waenganui. (Place the card in the middle.)
  • Kei a wai te otinga ki tēnā whakareatanga? Whakatakotoria ki runga i te kāri tīmatanga, ka pānui mai ai i te whakareatanga hou. (Who’s got the solution to that multiplication? Put it on top of the start card and read out the new multiplication problem.)
  • Whakareatia te rima ki ono, ka hia? (5 x 6 = ?) (Multiply 5 by 6.How many is that?)
  • Whakatakotoria tō kāri ki te putunga kāri. (Put your card on the pile of cards.)

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (212KB)