Let's trade


Students learn to consider facts and patterns in New Zealand trade as they engage with a range of data spreadsheets.

Achievement Objectives
S4-2: Evaluate statements made by others about the findings of statistical investigations and probability activities.
Specific Learning Outcomes
  • Agree or disagree with a statement made about the findings of statistical investigations
  • Give a reason for their evaluation of the statement
  • Complete a statistical investigation by collecting, displaying and discussing data
Description of Mathematics

As students engage with the comprehensive data in the trade spreadsheets, they are required to compare the relative size of numbers ranging from 0 to several billion. Strong place value knowledge is called upon as they interpret and rank the magnitude of key data items.

They then use this information to make informed comparative statements about patterns in New Zealand trade, with reference to the data.

Required Resource Materials
  1. Have your students work in pairs or small groups. Print for each group a copy of the Let's Trade Activity Quiz sheet and a provide access to a copy of each data spreadsheet.
  2. Have students record their responses to each question and require them to give evidence/a rationale for each answer.
  3. Have them also record statements as they make observations about other interesting information in the data.
  4. Together, share and discuss results. Summarise key facts they have learned about New Zealand trade patterns for 2009.
  5. Research and find out:
    • Which countries are New Zealand’s most important trading partners in the current year?
    • What are the current top 5 key commodities that New Zealand exports?
    • What are the current top 5 key commodities that New Zealand imports?
    • In what ways have New Zealand trade patterns changed?

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