Students use counters to model the addition or subtraction of two integers. For example -2 + +5 = +3 or -5 - +1 = -6.

Teacher notes

  • Introduces the general concepts of integer calculations.
  • Students place positive and negative counters in a workspace to match pairs of integers and work out solutions. An introduction explaining the use of the workspace is provided.
  • Represents the calculation on a number line once the answer has been given.
  • Once six equations have been correctly solved, an on screen summary of the solved equations is presented.

Learning objects

Interger cruncher picture.

Integer cruncher: addition
Students add positive and negative integers.


Integer cruncher: subtraction
Students subtract positive and negative integers.

Interger cruncher picture.

Integer cruncher: addition and subtraction
This is an aggregated learning object combining the two other learning objects.