Addition Puzzle


The purpose of this activity is to help your child to recall the addition basic facts.

Link to the Number Framework:

Number Facts, Stage 5

What you need:

Puzzle Board (PDF, 26KB). You can print this or make your own.

What to do:

Cut out the puzzle and give the pieces to your child.
Ask your child to arrange the pieces back into the 3 by 3 grid so that sides of the touching pieces match. For example, 9 + 3 needs to match 12.
Two hints you may wish to give your child:
  1. When the puzzle is complete none of the pieces will be orientated so the numbers are upside down.
  2. The piece with 2 blank sides can go in the top left corner of the puzzle.

What to expect your child to do:

To use their addition basic facts to solve the puzzle.


Make your own puzzle. Puzzles where every fact has a different answer are easier to solve.

Related Māori vocab:

upside down
jigsaw puzzle
hono (a)
tāpiri (hia)

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (84KB) or Word (44KB)

Download a file of this activity including questions to ask in Māori:

PDF (112KB) or Word (46KB)

Download a Pasifika version of this activity:

PDF (89KB) or Word (509KB)