• To give practise in reading and interpreting numbers 0 -10.

You need:

How to Play:

  • Place the two sets of cards face down and side by side on the floor.
  • Ask your child to turn over one of the digit cards and then an action card.
  • If it is 3 and a clapping action they clap their hands 3 times. If the next one is 5 and the action is star jumps they have to do 5 star jumps.
  • If they turn over a zero they stop their turn and someone else has a turn. Sometimes it is better to have more zeros than other numbers.


  • Build 2 other action card piles. If a 4 card is turned over then they may do 4 claps, 4 star jumps and 4 nods of the head. Using 0-5 for that activity may be better as the children could become very tired although that may be a good thing to happen.

Download a file of this activity:

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