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About Derek Holton

Derek Holton. Derek Allan Holton, has been Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Otago since 1985. For a long time he has undertaken research in graph theory (dots and lines rather than cartesian axes) and has published around 100 papers and books in that area. 

Derek has been interested in mathematical education for many years (in fact he did a Diploma of Education in 1962 in Melbourne). When he came to Dunedin he decided to work with able students and helped to found the Maths Olympiad movement in New Zealand. With the advent of the new curriculum, he took a special interest in problem solving as he thought that represented the spirit of mathematics. For him, the web site is in some ways the natural end result of the research he did on problem solving in the 1990s. 

When he's not doing maths or something related to maths, Derek likes to take pictures of birds (the feathery kind!).