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2007 National Numeracy Facilitators' Conference

Keynote Presentations

Megan Franke, UCLA: 'Responding to Children’s Thinking and Diversity: A Reflection on 20 years of Research' (PPT, 1403 KB)

Max Stephens, University of Melbourne: 'Describing and exploring the power of relational thinking' (PPT, 154 KB)

Gill Thomas, Maths Technology Ltd: 'Blaxland Road: A ripple or a storm?' (PPT, 1969 KB)

Other Presentations

Caroline Bird: 'The Differentiated Maths Class – Responding to a Learner’s Needs' (PPT, 486 KB)

Chris Linsell: 'Solving Equations: Students’ Algebraic Thinking ' (PPT, 131 KB)

Craig Chapman: 'Approaches to in-class visits' (PPT, 104 KB)

Fiona Ell: 'Investigating sustained NDP practice' (PPT, 45 KB)

Glenda Anthony: 'Extending High Expectations to ALL Students ' (PPT, 478 KB)

Jonathan Fisher and Alex Neill: 'Exploratory study of the Home-School Partnership Programme: Numeracy' (PPT, 160 KB)

Kate Webster: 'Effective Assessment / Evaluation in Action in the Numeracy Classroom' (PPT, 222 KB)

Max Stephens, University of Melbourne: 'Using number sentences to introduce the idea of variable' (PPT, 75 KB)

Megan Franke: 'Focusing on the Development of Children’s Mathematical Thinking: CGI ' (PPT, 282 KB)

Tony Trinick and Brendan Stevenson: 'An Evaluation of Te Poutama Tau 2006' (PPT, 406 KB)