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nzmaths Review



star. star. star. star.

This link is part of the BBC schools site. It provides online activities for primary aged students.

 KS1 Bitesize Games Review



star. star. star. star.

This link is part of the BBC schools site. It provides online activities, revision pages, and quizzes for students in a range of mathematical areas.

  KS2 Bitesize Games Review



star. star. star. star.

This link is part of the Oswego City School District. It has quick fire basic facts quizzes. Awards can be printed for scores of 90% or more.

  Math Magician Games Review



star. star. star. star.

This is an appealing online game to help students practice identifying multiples from 2 to 20.

Ghost Blasters Review



star. star. star. star.

This is an appealing online game to provide students with addition practice.

  Speed Grid Challenge Review



star. star. star. star.

This site provides parents/caregivers with a range of digital activities to do with their children. For each activity suggestions are provided about how to use the activity, questions to ask children and further activities for families to do together.

Helping at Home Review



star. star. star. star.

The majority of materials on this site are interactive online activities, suitable for independent student use. With all strands of the NZ mathematics curriculum covered at a variety of levels this site contains something for everyone.

  Site Maths Zone Review



star. star. star. star.

Part of the BBC’s online educational material, the Maths File Game Show makes mathematics fun and accessible to students at levels 3 and 4 of the NZ mathematics curriculum.

Maths File Review



star. star. star. star.

This site provides a wide variety of on-line games and activities. The activities are ideal for independent student use and many of them have strong links to the numeracy framework. For example, objectives include skip counting, using counting on to solve number problems and mastery of doubles addition facts.

 ICT Games Review

  1 star. star. star. star. Simple, fun interactive games for children to practise early number skills such as counting, simple addition and subtraction problems, numeral identification, matching and working with a hundreds board. Number Jacks Review
  1-3 star. star. star. star. Seven colourful and entertaining on-line puzzles to develop skills in number, geometry and problem solving.  Includes a useful game for practicing skills with money (as long as both teacher and students are comfortable to work in pounds and pence) and a good tangrams puzzle to develop the ability to manipulate shapes.  PuzzleMaths Review
  1-4 star. star. star. star. On-line interactive games to practise skills in fractions, decimals and co-ordinates.  Several of the games also provide good opportunities for students to practise mental strategies for performing number operations.  Strands covered: Number and Geometry. Primary Games Review


star. star. star.

This link is part of the BBC schools site. It provides online activities for younger students.

 Number time: Play a Game Review



star. star. star.

This link is part of the BBC skillswise site. It provides online fraction, decimal and percentage activities.

 Skillswise: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Review



star. star. star.

This link is part of the BBC skillswise site. It provides online geometry and measurement activities.

Skillwise: Measures, Shape and Space Review



star. star. star.

This site is run by ABC and has a range of online games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

Count Us In Review



star. star. star.

This site is one of the educational sites run by BBC. It is aimed at developing the literacy and numeracy skills of adults but contains material that will be of use to teachers of students working at stages 6 to 8 of the New Zealand Number Framework.

  Skillswise Review



star. star. star.

Online interactive activities for independent student use.

 KidsKount Review



star. star. star.

The applets on this site will be useful to New Zealand teachers as independent practice and consolidation activities for individuals or small groups of students.

  WisWeb Review



star. star. star.

This site is an online activity using a table of numbers designed to develop students understanding of place value.

 Birmingham Grid for Numbers Review



star. star. star.

This activity is ideal independent practice for students developing the skill of telling the time using an analogue clock to the nearest five minutes.

Bang on Time Review



star. star. star.

This site contains an interactive number line designed to assist in the differentiated teaching of number sequencing and the investigation of number patterns.

  Numberlines Review



star. star. star.

This site contains a variety of on-line logic puzzles, which provide a meaningful and enjoyable way to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. Ideal for independent student use.

  MazeWorks Review



star. star. star.

How big is the Great Pyramid? This challenge is ideal as an independent task to help develop the skill of estimation. It also gives the students some experience of thinking about large size items

 The Challenge – Review 



star. star. star.

This on-line activity is an excellent independent task to develop number skills. Students unscramble number sentences involving addition, subtraction or multiplication. More challenging examples include number sentences involving all three operations.

Magnetic Numbers Review

  1-4 star. star. star. Students e-mail answers in to one of 5 on-line contests to be in to win Casio products. Lists of past problems provide a good source of number and logic problems for teachers to use. Columbus State University Problems of the Week Review
  1-4 star. star. star. Interactive games for students to practice number and concentration skills: practice at basic number facts, matching equivalent fractions and matching shapes, numbers, letters, colors, and patterns. Strands: Number and Geometry. LearningPlanet.com Review
  1-2 star. star. star. This site provides a variety of hands-on interactive activities for students, and includes two excellent geometry activities based on students’ use of shape, symmetry and tesselation. Maths Cats Review


  2-4 star. star. star. Explores aspects of number statistics and algebra by using a simple family holiday context to illustrate differences between car rental prices. Fun and Sun Rent-a-Car Review
  2-3 star. star. star. This site looks at four basic graphs for displaying statistics You can create a graph of your own or use available data. Create a Graph Review
  2 star. star. star. Students run their own simulated lemonade stand, making profits if possible. Strand: Number. Lemonade Stand Review
  1 star. star. star. A variety of on-line interactive activities for younger students, based around two teddy bears, Ted and Floppy. Games reinforce basic concepts of matching, colour and numbers to 12, and introduce younger learners to simple logic games. Ted and Floppy’s Fun Page Review
  1-4 star. star. star. Interactive arithmetic exercises and problems. It contains a series of Statistics, Algebra, Number, Measurement and Geometry math lessons, which are intended to be a resource that can be used by math students. AAA Math Review
  1-4 star. star. star. Math Journey is a small section of a very large Web based learning tool boasting more than a million educational activities across curriculum areas. Math journey gives students the opportunity to select number skills they wish to practise. QUIA Math Journey Review
  1 star. star. star. This site has an attractive clearly set out format.  Activities promote an understanding of the representation of numbers (1-10), and identification of simple shapes.  Assistance may be needed for younger users to navigate the site and possibly for the click and drag mouse operations. Literacy Center – The Early Childhood Education Network Review