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Problem Solving and Logic Sites


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nzmaths Review

4 star. star. star. star. Problem Challenge is a mathematics problem solving competition aimed primarily at Intermediate School children. Schools register to enter and participating students complete 5 problem sets over the 5 months the challenge runs. Problem Challenge Review
2-4 star. star. star. star. The units of work on this site all use real-world applications of mathematics to involve students in studies that look at such topics as bar codes, time zones and drinks cans to develop mathematical concepts. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching Review
3 star. star. star. star. This unit is presented on-line as an independent unit of work. The task involves researching medieval castles, then designing a castle to set specifications. Work can be presented as models, maps, or diagrams as appropriate. Castle Builder Review
1-2 star. star. star. star. This site contains ten activities that “build math into the things most families already do--ordinary routines such as figuring out ways to save money, to share fairly, or to get somewhere on time”. At Home With Math Review
1-4 star. star. star. star. This site is part of the archived information on the US Department of Education site. It provides information for parents on mathematics teaching and learning in general, as well as maths activities designed for families to undertake together. Helping Your Child Learn Math Review
1-2 star. star. star. star. This site provides detailed lesson plans for teachers to use to promote Algebra skills with young students. The ideas given are unique and give meaningful contexts to help develop students thinking.
2-4 star. star. star. star. Part of the Scholastic Site these word puzzles involve Math Maven. She is always finding herself in the middle of a fun new mystery and students act as her "super sleuths" and crack the case. Each mystery focuses on a particular area of math reasoning and computation. Math Maven’s Mysteries Review
1-4 star. star. star. star. This site contains two sets of problems, one for use with students and another more suited for families. The problems are unique with authentic contexts and can be searched by grade level (USA) or content. Some measurement material non-metric. MathMastery.com Review
1-8 star. star. star. star. This site provides problem-solving challenges and information about problem solving strategies for students working at levels 1 and 2 of the NZ mathematics curriculum. Aunty Math Review
4-8 star. star. star. This site is the schools section of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Otago. It contains links to sites for students, teacher resources and information about studying Maths at Otago. University of Otago, Review
4+ star. star. star. Plus is an internet magazine published four times a year. It aims to introduce readers to the beauty of mathematics and its practical applications. Plus Magazine Magazine


1-4 star. star. star. Online maths club changing every month; includes a range of puzzles and games. Great library section with problems listed according to the maths content covered.

Mathematics Enrichment Primary Review

1-4 star. star. star. Students e-mail answers in to one of 5 on-line contests to be in to win Casio products. Lists of past problems provide a good source of number and logic problems for teachers to use. Columbus State University Problems of the Week Review
2-3 star. star. star. A well executed games page that provides opportunities for srtudents to develop logic and strategy skills. Geometry concepts included. StudyWorks! Online - Games Review
1 star. star. star. A variety of on-line interactive activities for younger students, based around two teddy bears, Ted and Floppy. Games reinforce basic concepts of matching, colour and numbers to 12, and introduce younger learners to simple logic games. Ted and Floppy’s Fun Page Review
4 star. star. star. This site explores the concepts of area, perimeter and volume as they relate to ancient structures e.g. pyramids and ruins. Geometry of the Ancients Review
1-2 star. star. star. The interactive games this site provides are ideal for independent student use. Students will enjoy the entertaining presentation of geometry and number concepts with activities such as tangrams, puzzles and a great game to practice basic fact recall – Monster Cruncher. KidsCom: Review