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Links worth looking at PLC

This Professional Learning Community (PLC) has been created to provide updates on interesting pages both on the nzmaths site and elsewhere on the web. These will include new pages and pages with updated content, as well as older pages that we believe are worth reminding users about. We will also highlight other websites that we believe may be of interest to our users.

The posts in this PLC can be viewed by anyone, but if you wish to post a comment yourself you will need to sign in to the nzmaths website. If you do not have an account you can create one for free. Please feel free to comment on any of the links provided.

If you join this PLC, you will receive email notifications whenever a new page is listed here, or whenever a user comments on the pages already listed. 

For information on using PLCs please visit:


PLD 360

PLD 360 helps you find content to meet your professional learning needs, including content knowledge, teaching knowledge, and ways to improve the mathematics culture of your school and classroom.

Stand up Maths

Matt Parker's YouTube channel (Stand up maths) contains a collection of videos relating to a range of maths ideas.

What If Teachers Took Computation Out of Math Class?

This article on the MindShift site discusses and links to Conrad Wolfram's TED Talk in which he argues that too much of the focus in maths education is cu

VLN Primary School

The Virtual Learning Network Primary School (VLNP) is a collaborative community of schools throughout New Zealand working together to provide improved educational opportunities for students through online learning.

NZ Teachers (Primary) Facebook group

The NZ Teachers (Primary) Facebook group has been set up to allow New Zealand Primary teachers to share ideas and to give support and advice to others.

Figure This: Math Challenges for Families

Figure This: Math Challenges for Families is a website developed by a team including the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Making beanies

Making Beanies is a new type of resource for the nzmaths site. This five minute video story describes the process and outcomes for a rich maths unit of work based around making polar fleece beanies. We intend to develop a collection of similar videos.

Vi Hart's YouTube channel

Vi Hart's YouTube channel contains a very large collection of videos on a wide range of subjects, including maths, music, and food. She clearly has a particular interest in the idea of infinity, as many of her videos feature this.

More or Less

More or Less is a weekly podcast, available to download on the BBC website. Each episode is a ten minute mp3 (audio) file which discusses numbers and statistics used in everyday life.

Bowland Maths

Bowland Maths aims to make maths engaging and relevant to pupils aged 11-14, with a focus on developing thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. In these materials, the maths emerges naturally as pupils tackle problems set in a rich mixture of real-life and fantasy situations.

Updates to nzmaths

By joining the Updates to nzmaths Professional Learning Community you will receive an email whenever new material is added to the nzmaths website. We will also send an email whenever significant modifications are made to existing content. This is the best way to ensure that you are made aware of significant additions and updates to the website. 

Enhancing teaching and learning through the use of iPads

This snapshot on the Software for learning site aims to demonstrate how the effective integration of iPads in a Year 2 classroom has enhanced the programme and has helped to meet the learning needs of the students.

How to Learn Math

Until the 28th of September a free course for teachers and parents entitled How to Learn Math is available on Stanford Universty’s on-line platform.


CensusAtSchool facilitates the collection of real, relevant student data through its biennial online census for Years 5-13 as part of the international CensusAtSchool project.

e-ako pāngarau

e-ako pāngarau is a new section of the nzmaths website designed for students fluent in te reo Māori. e-ako pāngarau provides pathways of sequenced learning modules (e-ako) which support the development of place value understanding and basic facts. The content of e-ako pāngarau is presented entirely in te reo.


TED-Ed is a new site with an expanding collection of educational videos on a variety of subjects. The videos include a spoken soundtrack and an animated video. Two of our favourites are:

e-ako maths

e-ako maths is a new section of the nzmaths website designed for students. e-ako maths provides pathways of sequenced learning modules (e-ako) which support the development of place value understanding and basic facts. 

Answering questions in the e-ako and the learning objects gives points towards trophies and printable certificates. Fractions e-ako, problem solving e-ako, and basic facts games will be added in the coming weeks. 

Plus Magazine

Plus magazine is an online magazine with engaging and challenging articles on a diverse range of topics relating to mathematics. While the content is not specifically about teaching mathematics there are usually 1 or 2 articles each week related to working with students.

nzmaths Families section

The Family section of the nzmaths site has recently been reorganised and extended:

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

This video on the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) website is an animated version of a speech by Sir Ken Robinson, in which he discusses the background to modern education systems and whether they meet the needs of a changing society.


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