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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Community Description Manager Posts Members Join Link
Problem Solving A community to discuss problem solving activities and share solutions. Andrew Tagg 14 235 Join
Updates for secondary teachers This PLC will send you emails with updates of important information for secondary teachers. Andrew Tagg 128 Join
Updates to nzmaths This PLC will send you an email whenever there is an addition or change to the content of the nzmaths website. Andrew Tagg 373 Join
Pathways Discussion Group Discussion of career education within the Mathematics Learning Area, and NCEA, to support student pathways. Andrew Tagg 1 174 Join
Links worth looking at PLC A community to provide links to interesting pages on the nzmaths site and elsewhere on the internet. Andrew Tagg 26 214 Request membership
Numeracy Unit Standards Forum Discussion around NCEA level one numeracy Andrew Tagg 4 722 Join
NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship Forum Questions and answers about the realigned Level 3 Standards Andrew Tagg 19 789 Join
NCEA Level 2 Forum Discussion around NCEA level two. Andrew Tagg 15 793 Join
NCEA Level 1 Forum Discussion around NCEA level one, implementation, portfolios, what is a problem? Andrew Tagg 14 948 Join
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