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Summary of Reference

Irwin, Kathryn

Multiplicative Strategies of New Zealand Secondary School Students

Bibliographic data:
In Pateman, N. A., Dougherty, B. J., & Zilliox, J. T. (Eds.)(2003). Proceedings of the 2003 Joint Meeting of PME and PMENA , CRDG, College of Education, University of Hawai‘i

Secondary school students’ use of multiplicative strategies in an exploratory New Zealand Numeracy Project was examined. This Numeracy Project enabled teachers to interview each of their students concerning their mathematical knowledge and strategies.  The percentage of students who used multiplicative strategies increased from initial to final assessment. However, the percentage of the students from two low socio-economic schools was significantly lower, both at the initial and final assessment, than that from two upper socio-economic schools. It is suggested that it may be inappropriate to expect secondary school students to repeat the progress through additive stages that Piaget reports for younger children. Instead, it may be better to move them directly to multiplicative thinking.