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nzmaths Review

1-4 star. star. star. star. This site supports teachers and learners of mathematics with thousands of free resources which are designed to develop subject content knowledge and problem-solving and thinking skills. NRICH Review
2-5 star. star. star. star. This site from the University of Waterloo provides online learning activities along with appropriate printable, paper and pencil follow-up exercises.  MathFrog Review
2-4 star. star. star. star. The units of work on this site all use real-world applications of mathematics to involve students in studies that look at such topics as bar codes, time zones and drinks cans to develop mathematical concepts. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching Review
1-2 star. star. star. star. This site contains ten activities that “build math into the things most families already do--ordinary routines such as figuring out ways to save money, to share fairly, or to get somewhere on time”. At Home With Math Review
1-4 star. star. star. star. This site is part of the archived information on the US Department of Education site. It provides information for parents on mathematics teaching and learning in general, as well as maths activities designed for families to undertake together. Helping Your Child Learn Math Review
1-8 A searchable database of lesson plans. Lesson ideas are unique and achievable and cover all curriculum areas and levels.
2-4 star. star. star. star. Part of the Scholastic Site these word puzzles involve Math Maven. She is always finding herself in the middle of a fun new mystery and students act as her "super sleuths" and crack the case. Each mystery focuses on a particular area of math reasoning and computation. Math Maven’s Mysteries Review


2-4 star. star. star. star. An investigation into the proportion of arm span to a person’s height.  Set out as a lesson plan for teachers with a student’s page link this site provides an interesting measurement activity.  Leonardo da Vinci Activity Review
1-3 star. star. star. star. An Internet-Based Curriculum on Math and Aeronautics for Children with Physical Disabilities". Activities are mainly geometry and measurement related. Plane Math Review
1-8 star. star. star. star. A wide variety of quality virtual manipulatives are hosted on this site. Each is presented with curriculum links (US based), hands-on activity ideas to accompany the virtual activity and teacher information on how to incorporate the material into the classroom program.  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics Review
4-8 star. star. star. star. This site hosts a range of projects mainly suitable for older primary and secondary school students.  The projects have a science focus and links to mathematics. CIESE Online Classroom Projects Review
1-4 star. star. star. star. The Revise Wise site is divided into four sections each with a number of activities.  Each activity has an activity explanation (animated), a fact sheet and a test.  Topics include number, statistics, geometry, and measurement. Revise Wise Maths Review
4-5 star. star. star. star. What would an Egyptian pyramid cost to build today? This site sets out a project asking students to estimate the cost of building a pyramid using modern materials and ancient methods.  Mr. Pitonyak’s Pyramid Puzzle Review
1-4 star. star. star. star. This site contains two sets of problems, one for use with students and another more suited for families. The problems are unique with authentic contexts and can be searched by grade level (USA) or content. Some measurement material non-metric. MathMastery.com Review
4+ star. star. star. Plus is an internet magazine published four times a year. It aims to introduce readers to the beauty of mathematics and its practical applications.  Plus Magazine Review


This part of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s site contains a variety of resources and information for NZ teachers.

 Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Information for NZ Teachers Review

3-6 star. star. star. Figure This!” is designed to provide an exciting and friendly way for families to become more involved in mathematics with their children.    Figure This! Math Challenges for Families Review
1-8 star. star. star. Ready-to-use, online, interactive, multimedia math investigations, including student investigations, teacher notes, answers, and related professional development activities.   I-Maths Investigations, Illuminations Review
1-8 star. star. star. A variety of lesson plans covering aspects of each strand of the curriculum.  This site encourages the use of internet based resources. Illuminations Lesson Plans Review
1-4 star. star. star. Interactive arithmetic exercises and problems. It contains a series of Statistics, Algebra, Number, Measurement and Geometry math lessons, which are intended to be a resource that can be used by math students. AAA Math Review
1-4 star. star. star. This site contains a variety of lesson plans that use children’s literature as a starting point for mathematical investigations. Teachers can search the units of work by math’s strand, student levels (based on USA grades), or author. SMaRT Books Review
3 star. star. star. The sets of word problems contained in this site will be useful to teachers when planning topics and problem solving units or when looking for homework tasks. Some non-metric units for measurement included. Puzzling and Perplexing Problems Review
3-4+ star. star. star. An exploration of the Fibonacci Numbers.  A range of simple/complex algebra questions (mainly).  Extention ideas.  Some browsers may have difficulty downloading these pages. Easier Fibonacci Numbers Review
1-4 star. star. star. This site provides a wide range of resources: games, printable worksheets and lessons. Teachers will find material appropriate for whole class and small group teaching sessions as well as activities suitable for independent student use.  Dositey.com Review