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Digital Learning Objects


Drive helps users solve proportional problems with distance and time.
Drive: easy problems

Integer Cruncher

Interger Cruncher.
Integer Cruncher introduces the addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers.
Integer cruncher: addition
Integer cruncher: subtraction
Integer cruncher: addition and subtraction Icon.

Loans and Savings

Loans and Savings.
Loans and Savings helps users find the nett balance of a loan account and a savings account.
Loans and Savings

Mix Up

Mix up.
Mix Up helps users find averages of percentages.
Mix Up: equal sized
Mix Up: different sized

The Percentage Bar

The Percentage Bar.
The Percentage Bar helps users find percentages of numbers.
The Percentage Bar

Scale Matters

Scale Matters.
Scale Matters helps users explore numberlines with a variety of scales.
Scale matters: negatives
Scale matters: range of numbers Icon.

The Fraction Bar

The Fraction Bar.
The Fraction Bar helps users find fractions of numbers.
The Fraction Bar

The Fractions of Fractions Tool

The Fraction of Fractions Tool.
The Fractions of Fractions Tool helps users find fractions of fractions using an array model.
The Fractions of Fractions Tool

Modeling numbers: decimals

Modeling Numbers.
Modeling Numbers helps users to explore numbers using a variety of representations.
Modeling Numbers: decimals