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Digital Learning Objects

Level 1

Direct a Robot

Direct a Robot.
Direct a Robot requires users to guide a robot to collect objects by providing directions and distances.
Direct a robot: collector
Direct a robot: which way?
Direct a robot: how far?

Tesselate Decorate

Tessellate decorate.
Tesselate Decorate asks users to use a range of shapes, or combinations of shapes, to make tessellations to decorate the living room in a house.
Tessellate decorate: rectangles

Level 2

Face Painter

Face Painter.
Face Painter requires users to identify the faces of 3D objects that are a certain 2D shape.
Face painter: finding faces 1
Face painter: finding faces 2
Face painter: locating faces
Face painter: predicting faces

Finding Symmetry

Finding symmetry.
Finding Symmetry helps users determine whether shapes have one, two or three lines of symmetry.
Finding symmetry: three lines: garden

Pasifika Patterns

Pasifika Patterns.
Pasifika Patterns helps users learn about rotational and reflection symmetry.
Pasifika Patterns

Level 3

Building Site

Building Site.
Building Site requires users to show what an image seen from above would appear like when viewed from the side.
Building site: level 1
Building site: level 2
Building site: level 3
Building site: level 4

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt.
Photo Hunt requires users to rotate a 3d scene so that a 'photo' replicates a given 2D picture.
Photo hunt: level 1
Photo hunt: level 2
Photo hunt: level 3
Photo hunt: level 4
Photo hunt Icon.

Level 4


Contours explores how contours are used to represent a 3D 'landscape'.
Contours: about contours
Contours: mystery shapes
Contours: loony landscapes
Contours Icon.


Viewfinder requires users to arrange a 3D scene so that a 'photo' from a certain angle replicates a given 2D picture.
Viewfinder: up front
Viewfinder: flip side
Viewfinder: backwards glance
Viewfinder: all angles
Viewfinder Icon.

Level 5