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Digital Learning Objects



Direct a Robot

Direct a Robot.
Direct a Robot requires users to guide a robot to collect objects by providing directions and distances.
Direct a robot: collector
Direct a robot: which way?
Direct a robot: how far?

Shape Overlays

Shape Overlays.
Shape Overlays asks users to overlay 2D shapes to create other shapes.
Shape overlays: find and cut
Shape overlays: picture studio
Shape overlays: find, cut and turn
Shape overlays: picture puzzle (Requires Digistore login)

Tesselate Decorate

Tessellate decorate.
Tesselate Decorate asks users to use a range of shapes, or combinations of shapes, to make tessellations to decorate the living room in a house.
Tessellate decorate: rectangles



Cassowary Fractions

Cassowary Fractions.
Cassowary Fractions allows users to explore half and quarter in context.
Cassowary fractions
Cassowary sanctuary Icon.

Number Line

Number Line.
Number Line helps users to record how they solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line.
Number Line

Scale Matters

Scale Matters.
Scale Matters helps users explore numberlines with a variety of scales.
Scale matters: ones

The Number Partner

The Number Partner.
The Number Partner helps users find the pairs of numbers that add together to make numbers from 10 to 30.
The number partner


The Slushy Sludger

The Slushy Sludger.
The Slushy Sludger explores likelihood in the context of a machine which randomly dispenses drinks.
The slushy sludger: questions
The slushy sludger: best guess